The Story Of My Cat

Since I’d like to do something with this blog, I’m going to talk about my cat.


The reason for getting our cat has been removed from my memory now. I think it was just a random act — “Okay, let’s go get a cat!”

So in January, 2012 (I think, or was it the year before?), my mother and I found this little kitty on our local classifieds site for the taking. We drove down one winter evening to this large, hidden home in the ‘rich-people backwoods,’ and went on in to take a look at this cat. The woman who gave her to us said that her young grandson stays at her house often and is quite allergic to the cat, so she couldn’t keep her any longer.

The cat was a little hesitant around us, hiding when we’d go near her. She was quite slim and a beautiful grey color with a very judgmental demeanor…it was like she would cackle at us when we couldn’t tell…she was a little strange — and she suited our family perfectly!

So, we brought her home, this little cat, who was named ‘Squeaky’, and she never made a sound. She loomed around for a few days, getting to know her new grounds and wouldn’t come around either of us.

One night, she went up on my mother’s bed and I started to pet her down and she tried to bite me!

So, now, after what, three years, our cat has become a chubby, sassy, lazy feline who hates everyone who asks if she’s pregnant. No, she is not pregnant, but she eats like a cow! She’s become incredibly large, but she’s beautiful the way she is! I like to cuddle her, but she just tolerates it because she knows I’ll give her food or water….she knows I clean out her sand-toilet. She has to repay me in some way, right?!

I take many pictures of our pretty kitty, so here are a few that I really liked:

2012-08-18_13453011812014-06-14_1402748291 2012-12-13_13554122962014-06-14_1402748340

She has many names, by the way. And none of them are ‘Squeaky’.


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