Day 3: The Perfect First Date

I don’t know many things, but if there is one thing I do know, it’s that I’m not a romantic person. Not physically or outwardly at least. I have a romantic mind but an awkward disposition that is incapable of showing any real type of affection.

But, putting all that aside and thinking that I would be romantic and able to say what I want to say and feel what I want to feel, the prefect date for me would probably be somewhere in nature. It’d probably be some moonlit promenade by the water, just talking about things.

I mean, for me to go on a first date, I’d have to know that I’d actually want to go on a date with that certain someone. If I don’t feel any connection with them right away, then I probably wouldn’t go out with them, which is probably quite a detrimental feat to hold for future relationships.

But, I guess that sweep-off-feet; love-at-first-sight thing does really get me.

Huh. I never really noticed before.


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