Day 5: What Makes Me Different?

Day 5: What Makes Me Different From Everyone Else?

Well, I find it rather difficult to think about things like this because I realize how prosaic and banal I really am.

I often tell my friends that I have no personality. They ask for my opinions or my ideas or aspirations, and my mind becomes blank. I then come to recognize that my mind is just merely blank and empty in itself.

It is quite a depressing thing to say, but it really is true! I’m no different from anyone — the only thing that would make me different from the next girl is what makes her different from me. There’s nothing special in this mind of mine — I’m just an empty container.

To think about these things does really make me sad, but I’ve sort of grown used to it. Like I said before, there is little excitement in my life. I’m not reaching for any frontiers; not crossing any lines or running along the cliff’s edge. Life for me is just a space with a limit.

There may come a time for my own spiritual and mental growth; when I learn to take my own self off the back burner and learn to run on my own. That’s when there’ll be adventure, but I’m still waiting for that courage to jump inside. I’m hopeful, of course, it’s just hard for me to broaden my scope; understand things and take risks. Basically, I’m just a witless mope who’s stuck in her own trap, pining and sighing. I know the one to make an adventure out of my life is me….

This was not meant to be a grieving, pity prompt..I apologize for the depressing rant, but this is my answer to Day 5: What Makes Me Different From Everyone Else..!

Ask me again in a few years! Haha!


2 thoughts on “Day 5: What Makes Me Different?

  1. I think that being a teenager is a super confusing time and no one really knows what the hell is going on, and that’s totally okay! I also think what you’re feeling is really normal, even though obviously it’s not the nicest feeling. You’ll find who you are in time. 🙂

    (Also this is Jenn’s friend Lisa, being creepy and reading your blog hahaha.)

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