Day 8: The Perfect Wedding

Since I rarely think about that day, I’ll do what Jenn did and go with my inner bride — just throw it all out there.

Drewia Hill, Sale Creek, Tennessee

So, I’ll go in the structure that Jenn used and start with setting. Jenn always said she could see me getting married on a farm — in the cotton fields and having this big country-style hoe-down ceremony. Well, I’m not too into that YEE-HAW thing, but I would really love a wedding in a barn — that rustic atmosphere and the old-timely feel. It’s just a wonderful place for a wedding, I think. And at sundown, like in the picture, would be ideal. Just run out into the Southern air with the dress flying behind and laughter all around. We’d run to some old car and drive off into the night! Ahhhhhhh. What a lovely way to wed! I’m not much of a country chick, but I do enjoy the idea of a Southern weddin’!

Next thing, which Jenn didn’t mention, is the music. There is one song that must be played — a song that is quite dear to me because both of my parents love it and it was actually the last song they waltzed to. That song is Harvest Moon by Neil Young. And I think it would go perfect with that barn atmosphere. That brush on the snare would be like the dust dancing around on the hay-covered floor. It’s just perfect. And to dance under the moonlight….Ahhhhhhh again!

David Tutera for Mon Cheri — Zara

So, now would be the dress! Right! Well, this one is quite easy because there’s a certain dress style that I’ve always loved. It’s the lace, long sleeved, slim fit type dress. I’d like a little bit more of a flare on the skirt, of course, because I’m not the slimmest.

I also find it quite funny with this dress because it was matched with my Myers-Briggs personality type AND it’s called, Zara, which is almost my name! I think it’s actually just another version of my name. So, that’s sort of cool.

I’d probably wear my hair up like the models as well, and have no jewelry, only earrings and maybe a veil (I didn’t think I thought about this so much)!


Next would be the man…I’d take someone like Bob Dylan please.I’m not sure how much he’d appreciate a barn wedding, but I don’t think he’d mind! He always seemed to like the private ways. Someone who would have a way with his words; could talk me into a reverie. He’d know so much — a real Renaissance man. And he’s a musician; a poet. He would have seen things and I think I’d prefer him a lot older than me. It seems creepy, but I don’t care. I’M IN LOVE, I’M IN LOVE AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!!!! I’d just really like to marry him…and if not him, someone exactly like him — same face, eyes, voice, mind….I don’t even know.  Sigh. If he’s not Bob Dylan then he’d have to be something close to Mike Nesmith…

So, yeah….that’s pretty much my dream wedding. That was me going off without stopping. My words are tumbling over each other, I don’t really know how to put this together. But, either way, I hope you enjoy and don’t find me disturbingly creepy! 🙂


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