This is just a little welcome note/introduction.

My name is Sarah, and as you may have guessed from the title, I am from somewhere in the North (the song may give you a little hint, though it is no big secret and no big deal). And no, I am not a gypsy (but the life of the gypsy, wanderer, vagabond, sibyl — or what have you — really does interest me). I would sometimes like to fancy myself as some sort of gypsy, but I am so far from it, it’s actually quite humorous. Quite. (I’m not from England either).

I am far from the edge…I’m not even close to a risky line! There is no hint of excitement or adventure in this little place of mine, but I do dream and hope for something that may or may not come someday.

I’m not too sure what this blog will contain, but I’m thinking it’s just going to be little things that come to mind. There won’t be anything really personal, I wouldn’t think, but there may be! I really don’t know!

I started this with my sister, Jenn, who is still working on a name for her blog…although I think she might have one figured out now. The next post I make, I will have her link in it, and I’ll probably have it here somewhere in the blog (once I figure out how to use it) so that she is just a click away!

Good night! ☪ ♥ ❀

…diddle-dee-dum, diddle-dee-dee…


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